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Selected Art Press, Publications and Articles

NCECA 2011 Journal, March 2011, “Sustainable Ceramics: How to make objects
responsibly in a world that already has too much stuff,” article by Ilana
Mission 17: 2004-2009 2009, Publication featuring 45 exhibitions at Mission 17
Introduction by Director Clark Buckner, Forward by Glen Helfand
SF Weekly, June 20, 2009, “Window Window on the Street”
Article by Hiya Swanhuyser on Crispi solo show
The Skyline View, September 26, 2008, “Skyline Art Faculty Show”
Article includes interview with Crispi by Natalie Christine
The Berkeley Daily Planet, May 15, 2007, “Art in San Francisco: Ilana Crispi”
City Commons Club
Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine, January 2007, article on Crispi solo show at
Little Tree Gallery
San Francisco Bay Guardian, January 2007, article on Crispi solo show at Little Tree
Wired, February 8, 2007, “Ilana Crispi’s Organic Spheres” Article on Crispi solo
ARTHUR magazine, arthurmag.com, January 2007, Article on Crispi solo show,
editor Jay Babcock

Stretcher, www.Stretcher.org, Sunday, May 07, 2006, Article by Meredith Tromble
on work by Crispi in Mills College MFA show
San Francisco Open Studios: The Guide, Magazine Published by ArtSpan
Vol 3 October 2003, p. 8-9, “Hand-Building with Clay” Ilana Crispi and Jane Grimm, Photos of Crispi by Gabriella Marks
CLAYART, March 2002, week 4 (#757), “Transfer Printing” Article on Crispi by
Wesley C. Rolley
Journal of the Print World, “San Francisco Open Studios”Vol. 25 No. 4 Fall 2002,
Page 14, Editor: Charles Stuart Lane, Article on Crispi and Photograph of art book by Crispi

Teaching Press

Central City Extra, “Good News for Neighborhood Kids”San Francisco, September, 2007, p. 2, Article by Tom Carter on the Ceramic program developed by Crispi. Also online:  http://www.studycenter.org