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Curriculum Vitae


MFA Mills College, Oakland, CA; Masters of Fine Art: Ceramics, May, 2006

BA Brown University, Providence, RI; BA degree in Visual Art and Comparative Literature, Magna Cum Laude, May, 1999

Selected Additional Art Studies

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI; Ceramics, Photography, 1995-1997

El Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain; Ceramics, Drawing, Printmaking, 1997-1998

Laney College, Oakland, CA; Wood Technology, Fall 2006

NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Alfred, NY; Intensive Ceramic Program, Summer 2008


Art Residencies

Resident Artist Montalvo Arts Center
Saratoga, CA,
June 2011 Resident Artist
July 2010 Taught interdisciplinary book arts and printmaking workshop while doing art residency

Resident Artist de Young and Legion of Honor Museums                       
San Francisco, CA, March 2002      
One month art residency: Exhibited my art in both museums. Had my art studio in the museum space. Demonstrated ceramic technique, taught workshops.

Resident Artist Rochester Folk Art Guild                  
Middlesex, NY, August 1999 – January 2000
Co-coordinated and Taught workshops. Publicity and Installation for shows. 
Pottery Design and Production: Primarily wheel thrown, some thrown and altered and hand built work, high fire reduction, glaze chemistry, clay formulation


Fellowships and Awards

Fine Craft Award, 2011, ArtSpan

Juror’s Choice Award, 2009, ArtSpan

Eklind Fellowship, 2004 and 2005, Oakland, CA

Graduate Research Grant, 2004 and 2005, Committee of the Graduate Council, Mills College

Featured Artist: Local Patron, 2003

Art and Teaching Experience

Ceramic Instructor
City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Fall 2007 – Current Adjunct Professor
Teach Ceramic Sculpture ART 162 A/B
Teach Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Ceramics ART 160A/B/C Organize Field Trips and Visiting Artist Lectures and Demos
Curate student art exhibitions
Spring 2009 Sabbatical Replacement
Teach Ceramic/Sculpture classes, Curate student shows and events
Manage ceramic studio; budgets, inventory, equipment
Manage student techs, Developed online blog of student work
Faculty Advisor for the Ceramic Guild

Art History Instructor
Skyline College, San Bruno, CA
Western Survey, Art of Asia and the Near East, Art of the Americas
Fall 2008 - Current

Art History Instructor
Gavilan College, Gilroy, CA
Western Survey
Spring 2008, Fall 2008

Ceramic and Mixed Media Teacher
Independent Art Studio, San Francisco, CA
Workshops and Tutorials                               
September 2000 - 2008

Art Teacher
Star Mountain Art, San Francisco, CA
Art Programming, Curriculum Design, Instruction
November 2006 - 2008

Architectural Model Maker
zD Precision Models, San Francisco, CA
Architecture and furniture model making
Materials include wood, plastics, papers, fibers, etc.
September 2006 – April 2007       

Teaching Assistant
Mills College, Oakland, CA 
August 2004 – May 2006
Ceramics 2004
Lectured/Demonstrated Slip Casting, Handbuilding, Ceramic Sculpture Techniques, Clay Mixing, etc.
Collaborated on Critiques of Student work, Evaluations
Senior Seminar 2005
Collaborated with Catherine Wagner on course syllabus (overall                         focus of the course, content of final project and other assignments,            selected local artists for studio visits and as visiting lecturers,                       selected reading material, lecture content, etc.)            
Managed class trips: studio visits with local artists, meetings with                       museum curators  
Often taught the class: Led discussions on readings, Led art critiques of student work, Lectured    
Art History Western Survey 2005-2006
Lectured on Contemporary Ceramics.  Led discussions and office hours. 

SFMOMA Web Designer                               
San Francisco, CA
Contributed to design, layout, content, and acquisition of art on San Francisco Museum of Modern Art website 
Tested interactive education tools  
September 2000 – February 2001

Museum Assistant
Museum of Craft & Folk Art, San Francisco, CA 
Organized events. Interpreted at press conferences and workshops. Educator/docent (led bilingual tours).  Worked on installation and Museum shop. Collaborated on quality evaluation of the museum through the National Museum Association
July – September 1997 and September 2000 – February 2001

Luna Garcia, Venice, CA 
Pottery Design and Production: Slip cast, hand built, ram pressed dinnerware
April 2000 – August 2000    

Panels, Lectures, and Demonstrations

Visiting Artist Lecture: Sustainable Ceramics
Panelist: Green Issues in Ceramics
Hosted by Green Task Force, Moderated by Robert Harrison,
Panelists: Lee Akins, Peter Chartrand, Ilana Crispi
NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts)
April 2011 conference, Tampa, Florida

Visiting Artist Demonstration: Slip Casting and Handbuilding
Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose
December 19, 2010 and September 19, 2009

Environmental Art Practices Consultant
Discovery Channel; Planet Green
Hired by the Discovery Channel to demonstrate environmentally responsible ceramic techniques in episode 2 of the series “Battleground Earth.” 
April 2008 (first aired August, 2008)

Visiting Artist Lecture
Invited to speak and deliver slide presentation of my work
City College of San Francisco, Fort Mason Campus
September 27, 2007

Visiting Artist Demonstration: Printmaking on Clay
Workshop at UC Berkeley’s ASUC
July 21, 2007

Visiting Artist Lecture:Art in San Francisco: A Local Perspective from the Mission School to Where We Are Now
Berkeley City Commons Club, Berkeley, CA
May 18, 2007

Visiting Artist Lecture: Contemporary Ceramics
Mills College, Oakland, CA
March 14, 2006

Art Panel Moderator: Conceptual Materials
Panelists: Mike Arcega, Ellen Babcock, Philip Ross
Developed format, questions, and Moderated the discussion
Mills College, Oakland, CA
February 8, 2006

Exhibition Curating and Juroring

Juror: So Cute You’ll…
Potters’ Studio
Berkeley, CA
February 12 – March 18, 2010

Curator: CCSF Student Art Exhibition
Fort Mason Gallery
San Francisco, CA
October 27 – November 16, 2010
October 28 – November 17, 2009


Management and Language Experience

Associate Manager of Marketing
Quindi, Palo Alto, CA
February 2001 – August 2002
Project development and management, Research, Coordinate and Lead focus groups, Identification of customer segments, Development of marketing materials

Spanish Teacher
Independent, San Francisco, CA
October 2000 – October 2001
Home-schooled high school student and tutored adults              

Finger Lakes Migrant Health, Rushville, NY 
August 1999 – December 1999
Coordinated medical services and programs.  Facilitated research.  Interpreted at clinic and outreaches to migrant camps

C.E.A.R. (Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado), Madrid, Spain
January 1998 – May 1998
Researched and translated for this United Nations sanctioned organization that aids refugees and supplies the Spanish government with information concerning refugees in Spain     

The Point (a non-profit community center), Bronx, NY 
January 1997
Coordinated community service trip. Led a group of eight college students to the Bronx to do construction work on a community art center   

English Teacher
Adult Academy ESL, Providence, RI 
September 1996 – December 1996
Created lesson plans, Taught English

ASA (Asociación Sonorense de los Amigos), Sonora, Mexico 
June 1996 – August 1996     
Taught Art and other subjects at the local school (in Spanish, in a one room school house, with kids of all ages), Facilitated weekly meetings, Organized festivals for community with group of Mexican and American volunteers


Technical and Specialized Skills

Knowledge of Art History and Contemporary Art concerns and theory

Experience collaborating on educational practices and art making

Fluent in Spanish

Extensive background in Figurative Drawing and understanding of Traditional art approach

Mixed media art practice

Studio Art Techniques include:
Ceramics: Hand building, Throwing, Mold making, Slip casting
Kiln firing (pit, raku, reduction, oxidation), Glaze formulation and                        Clay mixing, Non-traditional techniques, Printmaking on clay,
Understanding of ceramic history and contemporary ceramics
Book arts: paper making, book construction
Drawing, Fiber, Textile, Felt making, Mold making
Installation, Social Practices, Mixed Media, Audio, Video
Photography, Digital photography
Printmaking techniques: Etching, Wood block, Screen, Letterpress
Plastic construction: Casting, vacuum forming, assembly
Wood technology

My practice often requires that I research and learn new techniques


Selected Professional Development

CAA 2007, 2009, 2010
Ceramics Annual of America, Exhibition, Fair and Panel Discussions 9/2010
Korean Ceramic Workshop: Bang, Ho Sik and Tae, Sung Young at CCSF, 3/2010
SF Foundation: Dynamic Adaptability Conference on New Thinking and New Strategies for the Arts, 2010
Lecture series at Mills College, CCA, SF Art Institute, SF Asian Art Museum
San Francisco and Oakland, CA, Ongoing


Solo Exhibitions

2009 Always Under Construction, ATA: Artists’ Television Access,
San Francisco, CA
2008 Excavation Exercise, ATA: Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco, CA
2007 All Sides of a Sphere, Children’s Discovery Museum, San Jose, CA
2007 All Sides of a Sphere, Little Tree Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2004 Fuel, Body Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2004 Somewhere Between, Café Royale, San Francisco, CA
2003 Crispi Art Tasting, Artist Studio, San Francisco, CA
2002 Crispi Solo Show, de Young Museum Art Center, San Francisco, CA
1999 Ilana Crispi: Thesis Exhibition, List Art Center Gallery, Brown University,
Providence, RI



2010 Celebrate San Francisco, Mission Cultural Center, SF, CA
2008 Doppelganger: Ilana Crispi Ianna Frisby, Tangent Gallery,
Sacramento, CA
2007 Green Room, Ruby’s Clay Studio and Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2003 Collaborations: Crispi/Sticpewich/clay/steel, San Francisco Design
Museum, San Francisco, CA
1997 Inside/Outside, Public Environment outside Providence Post Office,
Providence, RI


Selected Group Exhibitions

2010 The JUNK MAIL! Show, Soap Gallery, SF, CA
2009 Earth, The Crucible’s Cathedral Gallery, Oakland, CA
2009 Mixed Metaphors & Obsessive Compulsive Behavior,
Michael Rosenthal Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2008 Ceramics, 17 Main Gallery, Alfred, NY
2006 Wouldn’t it be nice, Mission 17 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2006 Grand Opening, Little Tree Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2006 MFA Exhibition, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, CA
2005 Clay (Re) Emerge 2005, Bay Area Ceramic Sculpture,
Red Ink Studio, San Francisco, CA
2005 Altered Barbie (and Friends), Shanghai Normal University Gallery,
Shanghai, China
2004 Reversing Vandalism, San Francisco Public Library, Main Branch,
San Francisco, CA
2004 Telling Stories, 66Balmy Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2004 Success!, Budget Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2003 Concours International de Céramique, Musée de Carouge,
Geneva, Switzerland
2003 Visions in Clay 2003, Juried Ceramic Art Show, Reynolds Gallery,
Stockton, CA
2002 In the Back, Brenda Taylor Gallery, Chelsea, NY
2002 Salon, Sam Francis Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2001 Hodge Podge, Highways Performance Space and Gallery,
Santa Monica, CA
2001 Pottery, Museum of Craft & Folk Art, San Francisco, CA
2000 From NY, Great Dames’ Gallery, Ojai, CA
1999 Art House, Providence Living Gallery, Providence, RI
1995 Group Show, Sam Francis Gallery, Los Angeles, CA