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Ceramic Bowl | $350

Commited | $250

Drawing #3 | $50

Drawing #4 | $50

Ceramic Archival Prints| N.A.

Ceramic, wood | $200

Proposal | $350

Black Tumblers | sold out

Bird cozy | $250

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Thanks for checking out the wares!

I work in a variety of media.  Aside from limited edition photographic prints, no two pieces are exactly the same.  Craftsmanship is important to me.  I sometimes include small surprises that will only be discovered when a work is turned upside down or examined in more detail.  I play with the idea of mass production and the perceived truth of an authentic one of a kind original.   I make my own hand crafted industrial inspired multiples.  Each object is slightly different, a quirky response to the overwhelming stream of commercial products.  My process includes lots of time and thought and begins before the physical construction of a work.  The objects shown here are the evidence of a labor of love and experimentation and inquisitive play.

Please note: experiencing an art object in real life is not always the same as the mediated view via technology.  Images seen online may vary in color, etc. (depending on the settings of your particular monitor, lighting, mood).