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Thanks for checking out the wares!

I work in a variety of media.  Aside from limited edition photographic prints, no two pieces are exactly the same.  Craftsmanship is important to me.  I sometimes include small surprises that will only be discovered when a work is turned upside down or examined in more detail.  I play with the idea of mass production and the perceived truth of an authentic one of a kind original.   I make my own hand crafted industrial inspired multiples.  Each object is slightly different, a quirky response to the overwhelming stream of commercial products.  My process includes lots of time and thought and begins before the physical construction of a work.  The objects shown here are the evidence of a labor of love and experimentation and inquisitive play.

Please note: experiencing an art object in real life is not always the same as the mediated view via technology.  Images seen online may vary in color, etc. (depending on the settings of your particular monitor, lighting, mood).


I make works in clay using just about every ceramic technique: throwing,slip-casting, hand-building.  I fire my work at a variety of temperatures and atmospheres; oxidation, reduction, raku, pit, and the occasional wood fire.  My functional clay works are food safe.  The high-fire work can be put in the dishwasher or microwave.  They can be used in the oven if they’re allowed to heat up slowly (please no quick trip from the fridge to a pre-heated oven and not to be used over an open fire). Low-fire work has a longer life when it’s hand washed (and kept out of the oven!).


I’ve incorporated images onto clay through a variety of techniques: hand carved drawings, commercial decals, and a ceramic version of lithography.  This last technique allows me to transfer photographic images and drawings and text into an archival surface on a ceramic form.  The technique is laborious and finicky.  It often produces a gritty hue around an image, creating the appearance of depth and atmosphere.  When I’m after something slick and poppy I choose decals instead.


I sometimes make specially commissioned work. Some examples are shown on this website. Turn around time for commissioned work varies.  Please note that the processes I use are influenced by multiple variables.  A commissioned work will not be exactly the same as another piece you may have seen on the website or at my studio.  I think this makes things more interesting! Depending on the project, between 50% and 100% of payment is due before I start working on a special commission.

I ship work with USPS with delivery confirmation. Please let me know if you would prefer express mail.  Purchaser is responsible for shipping/handling charges.  Items over $100 are insured.  I’m not responsible for international customs charges or breakage due to customs checks.  I list my best estimate of shipping costs.  This may vary from the actual shipping/packing costs and I reserve the right to adjust the invoice to reflect the actual incurred shipping costs.

Refunds and Exchanges:

I want you to be happy with what I make! If you’re not happy with the work, please let me know (nicely) why.  Exchanges are accepted within five days of receipt of purchase.  Purchaser is responsible for all return shipping costs and for the safe return of work.  There are no exchanges or refunds for work that is returned with any damage.  There are no refunds or exchanges for specially commissioned works.

I take great care to pack the work safely. I also try to create less waste and often use recycled boxes or packing material.  If any work arrives damaged(and it’s my fault) it can be exchanged for a similar item (of equal or lesser value).  Remember, no two items are exactly the same, so the replacement item won’t be exactly the same as the original.  Please provide a written explanation and photo of the broken work (for insurance purposes) and return the broken item (so I can check out the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again).  Purchaser is responsible for return shipping costs.  So far (knock wood!) all of my work has safely reached its destination. 


When you purchase my work you agree to hold me harmless from any loss, damage or injury due to the artwork.  My maximum liability is the amount paid for the work purchased.  All works are offered “as is” and without warrantees of any kind, whether express or implied.  Thank you!